Precision, top quality and design straight from the most prestigious design studios in the world


Seats designed for the most luxurious car brands will help you to protect your back and spine


Inspirations of world-class automobile designers put into life at your home or office


Power Seats are designed to deliver the most exciting experiences. Every second is meant to be a time of joy, relax and feeling of exclusiveness. To find out about perhaps the most comfortable office chair in the World, check our Luxury line and the BMW 7-Series office chairs that provide 18-way electrical adjustment.

Power Seats at your office

Power Seats at your office

Power Seats will convert any room into an unusual place. No matter if it's your home office or a conference room on top of a modern skyscraper.

Power Seats at home

Power Seats at home

Enjoy your time in office chairs designed at top technical laboratories and graphic studios. Best car companies test their car seats for hours before introducing them to the public in actual vehicles. Now we use that knowledge and experience to provide top-notch office chairs.

Style and...  extraordinary video gaming experiences!

Style and... extraordinary video gaming experiences!

Power Seats are often used as gaming chairs due to their comfort, easy and exceptionally wide adjustment possibilities - all with a flick of a switch. Check out our line of luxury car office chairs that are purely comfort-oriented. Sitting for long hours does not have to bring you any back pain! 



All our office chairs are electrically adjustable and powered by a battery. Simply recharge the battery from time to time using an added intelligent charger.


We add an adjustable footrest to allow for complete customization of your sitting position. Our backs need to maintain perfect contact with the office chair's backrest and aligning your legs properly helps in achieving that goal.


What NO OTHER office chairs can provide is fluent adjustment of their every part. Our line of office chairs based on luxury cars' seats lets you adjust every single part of your office chair exactly the way you want.


Electronic controllers are designed, built and programmed by us in order to provide top performance, safety and reliability. Power Seats come with a 2-year warranty on electronics and components built and/or installed by us.

Power seats luxury
Power seats luxury
Power seats luxury

Treat yourself with luxury and comfort!

Each seat is a work of art filled with style
and unique character.

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