€ 5590 euro

Revolving Maserati GranTurismo office chair in Cuoio color setup with contrasting Nero stitching.

Manufactured in a factory that is shared with Ferrari in Italy. On the headrest there is a Maserati logo while the armrests are wrapped with leather from the exact same vehicle.


This office chair is electrically adjustable and enables its user to lift both front and rear parts of the seat, tilt the backrest and adjust the lumbar area.

The armrests can be moved forward and backward and up and down.


Every office chair is individually built and becomes the only one with certain specification. Height of the seat in its lowest part varies from 40 to 46 cm, in the highest part – from 50 to 56 cm.

The feet support's height varies from 11 cm to 14 cm and its angle is fluently adjustable.

Power seats luxury
Power seats luxury
Power seats luxury

Treat yourself with luxury and comfort!

Each seat is a work of art filled with style
and unique character.