€ 6990 euro
Luxury line

7G11 office chairs are the ultimate solution for those spending long hours behind the desk.

Be it office work, a meeting or a video game, 18-way power adjustment will allow you to find your perfect sitting position.

Luxury line

The headrest's height is electrically adjustable while the shape of the pillow may be set manually. Armrests wrapped in with leather allow you to set their height and move forward & backward.


Luxury line

With a flick of a switch you will fluently adjust:

1 & 2: Height of the front part of the seat (up & down)

3 & 4: Height of the rear part of the seat (up & down)

5 & 6: Length of the thighs support (forwards & backwards)

7 & 8: Backrest recline (forwards & backwards)

9 & 10: Backrest curvature (adjustable shoulders area - forwards & backwards)

11 & 12: Backrest width and "wrap"  (sides forwards & sides backwards)

13 & 14: Height of lumbar support (up & down)

15 & 16: Lumbar support angle (forwards & backwards)

17 & 18: Height of the headrest (up & down)

Power seats luxury
Power seats luxury
Power seats luxury

Treat yourself with luxury and comfort!

Each seat is a work of art filled with style
and unique character.